Family tradition

since 1937

The Berghotel Rheinblick is a family-run hotel rich in tradition.
The Helling family has been running the hotel since 1937 in the 3rd generation.


Hermann and Elfriede Helling since 1963 in the 2nd generation.


Markus and Claire Helling
with children Noémie and Rémi


Michael Helling 


1998 the Berghotel Rheinblick is extended to a hotel of the *** superior comfort class. In 2005 the two brothers Michael and Markus Helling took over the management of the hotel.

Since the opening of the “Rheinsteig”, the Berghotel Rheinblick has been an official Rheinsteig partner and has been awarded the title of “Quality Host Wanderbares Deutschland” by the German Hiking Association.

Our house is located on a historical spot of Bendorf. Around 300 years ago, iron ore was mined here in the Vierwinde mine.